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Hello! My name is Adel Vilkov

I'm a passionate jack-of-all-trades software developer and I love everything about videogames. You can find some of my publicly available work here. I also contribute to open-source community.

If you wish so, you can check out my profiles on other services:

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My projects

R# Configurator

Standalone configurator for ReSharper

This project is an external GUI that can be used to configure JetBrains ReSharper options which are commonly stored in .DotSettings files.

Exported settings should work in ReSharper-enabled tools (VS extension, free cross-platform CLI tools and Rider).

Note: this is NOT an official tool. All trademarks are property of their respective owners. Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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Projects and Libraries

.NET Libraries (Cross-platform)

  • imagini - .NET Standard game/app engine based on SDL2
  • ignis - simple and fast Entity Component System
  • vox - 3D audio engine based on OpenAL and various codecs
  • ansiterm-net - library for working with terminals (both Windows/UNIX)
  • diffstore - simple and lightweight key-value storage with snapshot capability
  • SDL2.NETCore - SDL2 bindings
  • OpenAL.NETCore - OpenAL bindings

.NET Tools and Apps (Cross-platform)

Other technologies

  • [C] wal-tools - tools for working with .WAL texture files
  • [C] ttf-chardump - dump all defined characters (glyphs) in a .TTF font
  • [C] blaze - simple and fast 2D sprite graphics library
  • [Rust] blaze-rs - Rust bindings for blaze
  • [Shell] dnsmasq-ipset - parses dnsmasq log for DNS queries and adds matching entries to an ipset
  • [Python] lcov-badger - generates SVG coverage badges from lcov files
  • [TypeScript/Three.js] aas-playground - AAS navigation data viewer (for Quake 3 and friends)
  • [TypeScript/Vue] boundless-shopkeeper - price calculation tool for Boundless


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RawByte Interactive

Website about my gamedev affairs

I've dived into programming when I was 12 because I wanted to make videogames.

This website depicts what we have done and what's is in development.

Our development process is currently paused, but hopefully we will continue it someday.


External work

En&T & DSPA Conferences

Conference management system

Built from the ground up, this system was initially developed for an engineering conference named En&T (Engineering and Telecommunications, organized by MIPT) to support the workflow for scientific paper submission and review.

Features automatic work distribution, integrated workflow with feedback abilities, alerts and statictics, multilingual support and rich content editing facilities.

Visit En&T Visit DSPA

Alexander Ivanov

Website for a Russian musician

Features a news blog, show and tour calendar, music player, photo and video gallery and everything related.

Design was ported from a WYSIWYG editor to a custom engine with additional features.


Martin Dance

Dance footwear and clothes shop

The previous version of the site was made by other guy who left behind a pretty hairy codebase.

Upgraded with shopping cart functionality, configurable multi-level menu and header, static page editor and other stuff.