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Hello! My name is Adel Vilkov

I'm a passionate jack-of-all-trades software developer and I love everything about videogames. You can find some of my publicly available work here. I also contribute to open-source community.

If you wish so, you can check out my profiles on other services:

Me on GitHub My Steam profile

My projects

RawByte Interactive

Website about my gamedev affairs

I've dived into programming when I was 12 because I wanted to make videogames.

This website depicts what we have done and what's is in development.

Our development process is currently paused, but hopefully we will continue it someday.


External work

Alexander Ivanov

A website for a Russian musician

Features a news blog, show and tour calendar, music player, photo and video gallery and everything related.

Design was ported from a WYSIWYG editor to a custom engine with additional features.


Martin Dance

Dance footwear and clothes shop

The previous version of the site was made by other guy who left behind a pretty hairy codebase.

Upgraded with shopping cart functionality, configurable multi-level menu and header, static page editor and other stuff.